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What a great idea! I always spent ages looking for the right 1 piece bathing suit and the options were very limited. But now with a bathing suit bottom that can go with any of the tops that are out there is awesome!

Elizabeth R...Happy Customer

Swimsuits for All Women

Join the revolution in Perfect Fit Swimsuits for All Women. Yokini designs Swimwear for women who love gorgeous well-fitting suits that make them look great and confident on the beach, at the pool or apres fun. We know on the beach you can't Photoshop your body so we design our swimwear so you don't have to! Our swimsuits for women to control and conceal perceived problem areas to keep you feeling confident and sexy all the time.

Smooth Bikini Hip and Waist

Our Original and Hipster bikini bottoms eliminate the waist pinch that is common with most bikini bottoms. Both styles are designed with a seamless yoga style fold-over that never pinches and can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. Fold either suit along your hip and tummy to get the perfect fit every time!

Perfect Bikini Coverage

The Yokini Original Bottom is a swimsuit for all occasions giving you a full range of coverage "on the fly". Straighten out the fold-over and position it all the way to your top and you have a full coverage "one-piece" swimsuit. Or you can scrunch and fold it to a very sexy custom fit bikini bottom. Keep it high on your waist for a retro look. Then pull it down to create a skirt. You get to decide how much sun and skin exposure you want!

Eliminate Bikini Thigh Bulge

The Yokini Boy Short has the fold-over at the top to give you a smooth hip and waist. We designed the leg so that you don't get the "thigh pinch" that makes your thigh look bigger than it really is. The result is a nice sexy smooth transition from the suit to your skin without the bulge. The side ties also adjust so the bottom of the short ends exactly where you want it on your thigh.

One-Piece or Two-Piece Swimsuit

The Genie Tankini got its name because the genie is out of the bottle with this beautiful and functional tankini top. The main complaint women have for tankini tops is that they can be hot in the sun. With its open front, the air flows keeping you cool while the flowing sides and back cover and conceal. Pair this top with one of our versatile bottoms and you have the full range from a full coverage one-piece to a sexy two-piece combination.

Bikini Tops

In addition to our Genie Tankini, we have a great selection of bikini tops that include the halter, bandeau, underwire and more on the way. We just don't make the "run of the mill" tops. We study the design of each top and find ways to improve function while keeping it sexy. We also carefully listen to customer feedback. We find that subtle improvements can make a big difference in how you look.
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