Top 10 reasons to own a Boyshort Bikini Bottom


The most flattering boyshort bikini bottom!  We cannot keep this bottom in stock and here’s why.  Top 10 reasons you must own a YOKINI Bikini Boy Short Bottom.

1.  Flattering and sexy

2.  Perfect for riding your beach cruiser all day, take a dip, back on the bike, REPEAT

3. Did you say beach Yoga?

4.  Supple, soft and quick drying

5.  No digs in your side from elastic

6.  No thigh pinch – goodbye!

7.  From Spin class to pool

8. From beach to happy hour

9.  Gives a great side view (picture below)

10.  Adjustable leg and hip for every woman’s body shape


It’s time to get your YOKINI on!  This is our number one seller for the 2nd year in a row!

Side View Bikin Bottom

www.yokiniswimwear Boy Short





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Slimming Tummy Swimwear

tummy slimming swimwear

Slimming Swimsuits & Tummy-Trimming Bathing Suits

As warmer weather is approaching every woman is always looking for slimming tummy swimwear. With all the snow this winter people can’t wait for sunny skies and sandy beaches. We have seen a huge surge in customers shopping earlier this season to make sure they get the perfect fit bathing suit.

The number one search for bathing suits online is for figure flattering slimming tummy swimwear. It’s hard to go from sweaters and jeans to baring almost all; especially at the beginning of the season. Every woman wants a bathing suit that will make them look better. Flatter stomachs, toner thighs and smooth looking skin is all the hype.


Here are 5 tips to get the best look from a bathing suit.
1. Select a darker color as it is more flattering. Solids over prints any day.
2. Select a bottom that comes up a little higher if your lower tummy is what you are worried about. Conversely, if your upper tummy is the one with the flab, then go for more of a hipster style bottom.
3. If you are bottom heavy, select a top with more padding to even out the pear shape. This will give the illusion that top and bottom are more equally matched.
4. To avoid muffin caps, go for a bottom that ties on the sides or that lays flat on your hips such as the yokini hipster style. You want to avoid the “pinch” on the hips that gives you not such a flattering look.
5. For thicker thighs, try a boy short that does not cut into your leg and give you a smoother look.
Yokini Swimwear was designed to make women look their absolute best, creating slimming tummy swimwear, slimming hip swimwear and slimming hip swimwear. There is a reason why the number one selling swim bottom online is our original Yokini Bottom.





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Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

convertible bikini bottoms

Yokini Original Bottom

A must have style for the summer when you are trying to find the most perfect fit slimming bikini.  The hi-rise Convertible Bikini Bottom by Yokini Swimwear is the Original Convertible Bottom.  (shown here) Designed by  top fashion executive from Saks Fifth Avenue, Jackie Keehan has launched this brand from the ground up.  This slimming bikini bottom can be worn in many different ways to suit your own personal fashion style and enables women to cover up as much or little as she desires in a second.  The Yokini brand swimwear sells exclusively on and  Black is the number one seller although, blue lagoon, white and navy have been popular choices over the past year.  Yokini Swimwear spokesperson, Elise Thomas says they will continue to sell online  as long as the sales remain as strong as they have been.

Yokini slimming bathing suits allow women to look their best on the beach or pool while still feeling sexy and young. The seamless smooth fit of the bottom gives way to the pinch at the top of a traditional bikini bottom.  The fabric lays flat on your tummy and hip area and smooths out all wrinkles, dimples and bulges you would see with your usual bikini bottom.  The Hi-Rise convertible bikini bottom has been  sold by other brands such as Miracle suit, Spanx and American Eagle however they are knock offs and do not have the same slimming properties as the Original Patent pending Yokini Swimwear.

For more information about Yokini Swimwear, please visit  It will make you “happy”


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Bathing Suits that Cover Stretch Marks on Hips

Original Hipster Bottom

Stretch marks are inevitable to a degree after having a baby or losing a lot of weight quickly. The skin stretches out too much like a balloon and then has no place to go when the balloon is deflated.  Most of the time, you can easily hide your stretch marks with your clothing whether they are on your stomach or hips.  However when you are headed to the beach or pool when summer rolls around, many women get stressed about how to hide their stretch marks.   It is not impossible to hide your stretch marks while still looking sexy and stylish in a bathing suit.  In fact, Yokini Swimwear makes bathing suits that cover stretch marks on hips and lower stomach and you will be surprised just how amazing you will look.

It just happens that the style of swimwear is ever changing.  We are pretty lucky in this day and age to wear anything that makes us look good from a string bikini to a tent. There are many options out there to select from but the real question is…”Have you truly found a bikini that you feel sexy, confident that covers up all your imperfections”.  Yokin swimwear bottoms are brilliant as they as adjustable and can cover up stretch marks on hips, upper thighs, lower stomach or backside.  The original yokini bottom can be worn up high or all the way down as a fitted skirt.  I personally like to hide my inner thighs so I like to wear it as a skirt.  The fabric on Yokini bottoms  has a four way stretch to contour and slim.

Steps to looking your best in a bikini

Step 1

Make sure that you select swimwear where you can buy different sizes in.  In other words,  select a bathing suit where you don’t have to have purchase the top and bottom together as a set.   If you have stretch marks on your lower belly, stick to a higher waist swimsuit.  If you have stretch marks on your butt and thighs you would be better off with boy shorts or a swim skirt.   Select your sizes accordingly.

Step 2

If you have stretch marks above your belly button, look for a swimsuit that covers your midriff to hide your stretch marks. A Tankini is the ideal combination of a two-piece suit that is sexy yet covers your midriff.  Yokini Genie Tankini covers up most of your upper stomach and sides without feeling too covered up.  It is still sexy.  The original bottom can be worn up to hide your stretch marks and pulled lower when you are at your backyard pool for more tanning on your stomach.

Step 3

foldover boyshort swim

Choose a bottom that has a lot of rushing.  Ruching is anything with ties or a drawstring that can create gathering in the fabric.  Swimwear like this will cover up any cellulite that you have or help conceal larger areas on your body.  The fabric drapes more on your skin rather than being skin tight.  This is especially noticeable when the bathing suit is wet.  Yokini Hipster style and boy short bottom provide a great choice for ruching.


So check out these styles and don’t feel embarrassed anymore about your beautiful body.  Have fun at the beach and look your best in Yokini Perfect Fit Swimwear!

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Searching For High quality Modest Swimsuits?

Modest Swimsuits

Yokini Genie Tankini

If you are looking for swimsuits that cover more of the body than generally found, then what you need to look for is known as modest swimsuits. These are designed for those women who want a modest appearance while still looking and feeling great. Having a different set of standards is not an issue any longer when it comes to choosing swimwear.

We have designed a range of swimsuit tops and bottoms for women who are a little more private and require something that can be adapted to their own comfort level.

Yokini swimsuits can cover up more or less depending on desired coverage. For example, if you need to cover up the tummy, you can. If you don’t want to reveal specific tummy issues (such as scars from post pregnancy operations) you can easily conceal them.

Our adjustable bikini bottoms are perfect for women who want to wear a high waisted bathing suit. The fabric we use is very high quality and will last a long time and can also undergo a lot of wear and tear, which means they are great for active swimmers.

Our line of swimwear comes in a number of designs, colors and patterns, so you can find something that fits your taste visually, as well as covering the areas of your body that you don’t want to have exposed.

Wearing modest swimsuits will help you to feel confident and let you enjoy the activities that you want to pursue.  Unfortunately, mainstream swim fashion does not cater to women with tummy issues that still want to wear a two-piece suit. We have listened and developed a great range for our customers.

So, check out our complete line and see what catches your eye. We have had lots of positive feedback from women who bought our modest swimsuits. They have reported feeling very comfortable, while receiving compliments for the stylish, yet modest swimwear.

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The Best High Waisted Bathing Suits

Yokini High Wasted Bathing Suit

Yokini High Wasted Bathing Suit

Whenever you are picking out a swim suit, it is important that you not only have a style that is going to fit but one that is also going to flatter. The perfect bathing suit will have to go above and beyond a fun color or a great pattern or print. Instead, you need to have something that is going to make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful whether you are relaxing at the pool or spending time at the beach with your loved ones. Sometimes, it is all a matter of finding the best high waisted bathing suits to for your particular body style.

No matter your body type, you are going to find out that high waisted bathing suits could be just what you need to help give you that look that you have been wanting in swimwear for a long time. Maybe you have had children and your body has gone through changes or you simply want to have a cut that is more modest in nature. No matter what the reason might be, you will see that these bathing suits will provide a beautiful option to many of the traditionally cut suits that you will find on the racks at most department stores today.

The best thing about picking out the right high waisted bathing suits is that you will be able to adjust them for the perfect fit. Covering up your tummy or any of the other issues that you may want to hide away will never be a problem again once you find a bathing suit that is a great fit. As a woman, your body is bound to go through a number of changes so it is always good to have a high waisted suit with adjustable features so that it can move along with you.

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Foldover Boyshort Swim

foldover boyshort swim

Yokini Swimwear introduces a newer version of the foldover boyshort. Our foldover bottom has a longer foldover that enables you to wear it up higher on your hip or as low as you want.  We have designed it with shirred sides so that you can cover more or less of your thigh as well.  This swim bottom could possibly be one of the most flattering looks for women of all sizes.    The no elastic band and no elastic around your legs creates a smooth sexy look.

Pair it with our halter top or bandeau style top.  This foldover boyshort swim also looks great with a tank to run around town.  What sets us apart is not only are our bottoms great for beach and pool activities but all our styles are suitable for off the beach too!

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Swimsuits for Curvy Women

slimming swimwear bottom

black bathing suit bottom

When you have curves you need to be smart when selecting a bathing suit bottom.  Which bathing suit looks better?

Don’t make selecting a flattering bathing suit such a terrible experience.  There are many swimsuits in the market and you just have to select what works with your body type.  Most women are curvy that is what makes us sexy!  So flaunt your body in a flattering swimsuit and you will be confident as ever.  Swimsuits for curvy women are easy to find and you don’t have to limit your search to a one piece bathing suit.  In fact, Yokini Swimwear does not sell any one piece bathing suits.  “Our most popular size is a large and even extra large” said Elise Thomas of Yokini Swimwear.  “Our swimwear is great for curvy women, but it works well on people of all sizes and ages.  The benefit to our design is that there is no top elastic that pinches your side so your skin appears flatter.  Who would not want a flatter stomach or flatter hips”.

 Yokini Swimwear is shown on the model on the top wearing a blue bathing suit.  You can see how the bottom is more slimming than the bottom picture on the model with the black bottom.    The body type is very similar in that both girls have curvy figures.  Yokini Swimwear is a great option when you are looking for swimsuits for curvy women.  The controlling fabric is most flattering when folded over flat as it holds in your tummy and hips.   It is so comfortable to know that you have a swimsuit that looks great.   There are so many other things to worry about that you can feel confident on the beach or pool in a yokini bathing suit bottom



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Bathing suits for all body types

Bandeau-bathingsuit-top-red-swimwear-modest-bottom-tBody image can be a tough subject.  It is so hard to live in a world with magazines and internet articles that have been perfected by Photoshop.  Let’s face the truth, nobody has a truly perfect body.  What is perfect anyway?  This is in the eyes of the beholder.

When it comes to buying a swimsuit, it is not always that fun.  Even as a teen, I remember not loving the way I looked in a bathing suit until I had a little bit of a tan.  A tan always makes you look thinner for some reason.

All women have different body types.  That is just a fact.  Imagine if there were bathing suits for all body types?  That would be the answer.  Because a  tiny polka dot bikini is not going to fit all body types.  And a large skirted one piece would fall off a petite slender body type.  Yokini Swimwear was designed as bathing suits for all body types.  The bottom is beautifully designed to wear it the way you want to wear it.  What this does is enhances your assets and conceals your perceived bad areas.   For example, if you are feeling a little bloated and want to cover up your lower tummy, you can fold the original yokini botton over and it will lay flat along your stomach.  The 4 way stretch fabric is controlling and slimming.  If you want to cover up a little higher on your hip, just adjust the fabric up a little to cover that area of your body.  This is the most slimming swimwear because of the versatility.  On the same note,  if you have been doing squats for the past 30 days and you want to show off your derriere, simply fold the Yokini swim Bottom down to a fitted sexy swim skirt.  Everything stays in place, and the beauty is you will rock. This is the biggest confidence booster one can ask for on the beach!


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Bathing Suit Bottoms


Yokini Bathing suit bottom

Bathing suit bottom

The other day one of our customers came to us thrilled that they came across Yokini Swimwear online.  At $58 for a bikini bottom with a fit like ours, she purchased 2 colors.  There are many bathing suit bottoms out there to select from and it can be very overwhelming to get the right fit for your body type. To add to that, once you find the perfect fit for you that makes you feel sexy and  comfortable you want to be sure you can afford it.  Bathing suit bottoms can range from $15 (made in China) swimsuits all the way up to $350 (made in Italy or France) pictured here.

Yokini Swimwear has been around for a couple of years and known for the original bikini bottom that adapts to your body shape.  The flattering swimsuit bottom is popular with women of all ages, body types and stages of their lives.  We sell to 20 year olds with perfect bodies all the way up to 40 plus year olds that have had a couple children.  One customer told us she absolutely loved the way she felt post-pregnancy in the yokini bathing suit bottoms as they hug your body and hold everything in.

Pictured above is an Eres bathing suit that retails for $350.  It is a similar style and cut but 7 times the price!!! With all the elements that come along with summer, bathing suit bottoms get worn fast.  This is why people turn to us to  purchase  and get the look and feel you want for the best price!  Yokini Swimwear is proudly made in the usa and can be purchased online at or


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