Yoga, Paddleboard, Jet ski…

The Perfect Swimsuit for the Sports Enthusiast

If you are the type of girl who likes to be active on the beach, this style swimsuit is perfect for you.  Whether you are Paddle Boarding, Jet Skiing or chilling out in your favorite Yoga pose, Yokini Swimwear has the most flattering and functional  swimwear available. This swimsuit bottom can be positioned on your hips to create the most comfortable look for all your beach activities!

The model is wearing the our Sports Bra top in Navy, paired with our Black Original bottom and with our Navy Hipster Bottom.  The Original style can be worn all the way up to meet the top creating a one piece and turned down for a fitted skirt.  Our latest style bottom, the hipster bikini, creates a flat and flattering “no buldge” fit as you fold it anywhere along your hip area.

This season, Yokini Swimwear has been popular among the Yoga community as the suit is a perfect option for Bikram Yoga and Vinyasa on the beach.  Our swimwear fabric wicks away moisture and dries very fast.  Bonus:  you can hop in the pool or water right after class!!



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